Total CABS sold:
out of 250,000

Private round

October 30th - November 28th

115,931.467 ETH


Soft Cap:  25,000 ETH


Pre-ICO round

November 29th - January 5th, 1:00pm UTC


All funds have been refunded

to their respective backers

ICO round

To be announced...


Current CABS price:

Bridging traditional
and crypto financial markets

We turn Bitcoin into securities so banks can handle crypto currencies using their existing IT and security infrastructure.

What is a CABS token?

cabs token

An ERC-20 standard based Ethereum token. The only way to convert digital assets into crypto securities via CyberTrust securitisation platform. It is an access key & utility token.

digital assets

Initially we will only work with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. We plan to add the top 20 most liquid digital assets by end of 2018.

crypto derivative

Titled, auditable ownership. Clear tax implications. Risk-free clearing & settlement. Robust security and storage.

Securitization Cost

BTC Price: $

By CyberTrust


By other companies

$ 4200

Why Do I Need a Crypto Derivative?

Hold Assets

  • Hassle-free, hyper security solution
  • Risk-free clearing & settlement
  • Regulatory & Judicial oversight
  • Clarity on tax impact
  • Titled ownership, ability to audit
  • Inheritable

Buy/Sell & arbitrage

  • Arbitrage opportunity of price difference between crypto notes and raw crypto
  • Ability to settle in fiat inside traditional banking system
  • Inside KYC/AML regulatory framework
  • Clarity on tax impact

Create Financial Products

  • Earn profit on the sale or asset management of new financial products
  • Provide asset managers with hedge against risk of financial meltdown (tail-end risk hedging)


CyberTrust Team

Scott Freeman


Evgeny Xata

Managing Director
Nick Lustiger

Nick Lustiger

Managing Director

Parker Fairfield

Head of Operations

Pavel Shelldyaev

Full Stack Developer

James Kehagias

Development Project Manager
Dan Ye

Dan YE

Community Manager
Kelvin ZHENG

Kelvin Zheng

PR Manager
Dan P

Dan P

Head of Community
Alan Wu

Alan Wu

Event Manager
Jason Ho

Jason HO

Operations Manager
Axiang WEN

Axiang Wen

Content Manager

Kirill Kazakov

Project Management

Art Looi

Graphic Designer


Marat Kichikov

Bill Delahunt

David Gorodyansky

Expense structure

  • Legal and regulatory
  • Hiring and salaries
  • IT infrastructure
  • Business developement
  • Operational costs
  • Other

Product Partners



September 2014

CyberTrust S.A. set up in Luxembourg

July 2016

Crypto investment fund project triggered by Ethereum investment opportunity.

April 2017

Fund structure abandoned due to legal issues. Project restructured to direct securitisation instead.

May 2017

Legal template for securitisation finalised.

June 2017

Pass-through tax structure via Dutch Foundations created.

July 2017

Signed mandate with SPV Administrator.

August 2017

Engagement letter signed to appoint Ernst & Young as auditor.

November 2017

Initial Token Offering Closed Round & Pre-ICO

December 2017

Pre-ICO Round

January 2018

CABS token lists on C2CX and other major crypto exchanges.

Q2 2018

BTC, ETH and BCC/BCH Global Crypto Notes are approved for clearing & settlement via regulated bank acting as paying agent and are listed on OTC markets worldwide.

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