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We are the bridge between
traditional and crypto financial markets

Cybertrust is a group of companies which has created an innovative finanсial
product to help all institutional investors get involved in crypto markets right now.
Crypto finance needs to integrate with traditional sources of capital and CyberTrust
has the ideal solution: crypto asset-backed derivatives called Global Crypto Notes
(GCNs). CyberTrust offers a full package of services to allow crypto asset
management on traditional financial markets.

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CyberTrust securitises raw crypto, making Global Crypto Notes (GCNs). These crypto-backed assets offer titled ownership and are tradable on major financial markets within existing clearing and settlement frameworks.

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CyberTrust has its own crypto exchange: C2CX. Here you can purchase crypto assets safely at market rates, with a minimal spread and simple flat profit withdrawal within 24 hours.

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Asset management

CyberTrust provides asset management services in the form of brokerage services to the market, in addition to banking your crypto asset-backed GCNs. This is all within a user-friendly online platform.

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Private banking

If you are looking for a personalised service for all of your banking needs, CyberTrust offers client managers with an individual approach.

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CABS token is a key
to unlock securitisation

CyberTrust invented a solution that is able to address these issues.
Specifically, CyberTrust has created the Global Crypto Notes (GCNs)
each having a registered International Identification Number (ISIN) so
that the owners of a GCN will have advantages as compared to the
currently available solutions.

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